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Almost all of these letters are real:


"Love the site.  People all over Blaine County and beyond are talking about and can't wait for the next story. Can't tell you how many people think the stories are true. I had to laugh when I sent the one about Sun Valley to my friend in California and she wrote back 'well the Mayor must have a good reason to sue the city.' I laughed so hard. Have wonderful day and again thank you so much for making so many of us laugh."




                                                    - Cynthia G.








"Hilarious shit. However, I feel that your failure to mention (Redacted) recent arrests which somehow did not make the mt express is a serious over-site. Please update with information regarding his violations of the no contact order with his ex wife."



                                                                                          - Jimbo L.




  "not funny.  not contributing to the betterment of mankind.

  especially not good for our beautiful valley."


 - Taneesha J.   








"You guys(?) rock.  Not since the past's Mountain Excess have I seen such spot-on SV satire.  My only question is why did it take so long?  Is it because SV Reality seems like satire ALL THE TIME and no one was writing it down? I think so. Keep it up!"  


                                                                - Randy D.






"I have to ask: Who are you???????? Do you ever reveal yourselves? Why? Why Not? You have to have lived here for a looooooooooong time. Martens are so cute.  What have they done to deserve the scurrilous association. What does “ribbed for her pleasure” mean. Most respectfully signed, “Just another dazed and confused Wood River denizen.” 



                                                                - Barbara M.






                              "You are all my heroes. Long live the Marten Stuffer!"  - Sandra D





 I have no idea who runs this website.... But this is funny shit.   - Timmy K.   





                           Bravo Mr. Marten Stuffer. Sign me up for the Go Fuck Yourself 2015-2016 pass.
                           And thank you for thinking about us girls and going ribbed   -  Pfeffer F.






                        "My ass is killing me."   - Larry C.

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