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Shitty Local Band Even Shittier When Hitler's Around

***Viewer Discretion is Advised*** This video contains the words and opinion of the evilest MF in world history and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Marten Stuffer.

Wood River Valley based rock band El Stash, well known to very few, is mostly described as 'really loud' and 'shitty'. However, that hasn't stopped them from gaining a superfan who also happens to be the most reviled dictator of the 20th century.

"It's pretty awkward, to say the least." said El Stash frontman Tyrell Jerome-Jamal. "Our typical 1 hour and 16 minute set/hostage crisis has taken on an even worse vibe than usual since Hitler started showing up." Jerome-Jamal continued, "We're hoping to get rid of him by changing up our style to the grossly underrepresented 'alt-country-wank-stomp' genre that can only be heard in the Valley everywhere you go, day and night, for all of fucking eternity."

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