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Idaho Republicans Claim God Punishing Us for Obamacare, Faggotry

The Idaho chapter of the RNC released a letter this morning addressed simply to 'America' which was signed by Governor Otter, US Senator's Risch and Crapo, US Congressmen Labrador and Simpson and about 400 other state-level knuckleheads. The letter claims that the conservative caucus of Idaho lawmakers have, in fact, discovered the causation of the ongoing Western drought and it's disastrous consequences.

" Dear America,

Congratulations. I hope all the commie healthcare, Mexicans running wild, highly restrictive gun laws and overall homofication of this great Nation was worth it. Well, guess what? God decided to weigh in on the situation and he pretty much said we're fucked. Bigtime fucked.

Have fun burning in Hell for eternity, assholes.


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