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Valley Voices: Boulder-White Cloud Mountain Bike Debate

Congressman Mike Simpson of Idaho is leading the charge to designate 3 separate areas as 'wilderness' covering over 250,000 acres in the Boulder and White Cloud mountain ranges. This would restrict access for mountain bikers to some of the most scenic and challenging rides the Gem State has to offer. Biking advocates feel this plan is unnecessarily restrictive and will have negative economic impacts on area businesses from a decline in cycling tourism. Supporters of the bill's current language, who simply do not like to see mountain bikers, are complete shitheads. What do YOU think?

"I have no idea why anyone would want to ride a bike in the woods when there's a perfectly good 2 lane highway."

Joseph P. Arfsbarger IV

Carb-Loader/Load taker

"This is total bullshit, man. We're gonna be, like, the last state to legalize it. Hold on, what was the question?"

Tad Smilinger

Tinkering Hobbyist

"I think its great to protect our wilderness, especially the foxes. Why, I saw 3 just last week. May I trouble you for a glass of warm milk? It helps me to sleep."

Gertrude Tannerson

Head of Sun Valley Chamber of Commerce

"Thank god they're not trying to ban medicine ball squat-thrusters performed in front of a full length mirror."

Ben N. Purge

Push-up counter

"My ass is killing me."

Laurence Craig

Former US Senator (R-ID)

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