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Area Knuckleheads Stoked

Ketchum, Id-- A press conference was held this morning outside a converted storage container shanty in the light industrial district by occupants/squatters Shane Morris, Todd Ryan and Jay 'Squirrelmaster' Johnson in regards to the upcoming ski season. Morris kicked off the event by reading a prepared statement scribbled on the back of a Pop Tart box, "Winter is coming, bros", followed by giggling and a series of poorly executed 'high fives'.

A Powder Magazine correspondent asked the gentleman: "1. Just how stoked are you for the first major storm? and 2. Will it definitely turn into a shredtastical huckfest?", to which Ryan replied, "totally" with Morris and Johnson both nodding in agreement, stating, "yep, totally".

***Anyone interested in helping support these local skiers can go to where they are attemting to raise $400 to $430 dollars to "buy enough Schlitz Ice and Little Debbie's to last us for life."***

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