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Naughty-by-Nature Shocking Memoir Reveals They Were, In Fact, Not Down With O.P.P.

A bombshell was dropped on the music world this weekend in a newly released memoir by hip-hop trio Naughty by Nature. Best known for their 1991 mega-anthem ‘O.P.P.’, the song title is reportedly an abbreviation for 'Other People's Pussy' and/or 'Other People's Penis' (sidenote: ‘penis’ is the least gangster term for a penis, ever). Throughout the early 90's, people across the country could be heard using the song’s catchphrase “you down wit OPP?” in night clubs, college campuses and bus station bathrooms. NxN was the face of and soundtrack to countless clandestine sexual exploits for an entire generation. This was, apparently, all just a front. Below is an excerpt from the new book quoting a group member:

"I've always deeply respected the bonds of holy matrimony and the sanctity of committed monogamous relationships. I would never interfere with such things. If you think otherwise, then you do not, in fact, know me." - DJ Kay Gee

Formed in Orange, NJ in 1988, Naughty by Nature was actually not naughty in the least. Their entire image was crafted by a Warner Bros creative consultant to make the group more popular during the hip hop/rap crossover period. In truth, they were all deeply religious family men who, prior to their carefully orchestrated transformation, were members of a locally popular Gospel quartet, The Shepards.

The Shepards pictured clockwise: Treach, Vin Rock, DJ Kay Gee and Terrance James (who was reportedly kicked out of the group for creative differences as well as totally being down with OPP).

Reactions to the tell-all memoir have reportedly been mixed. Conservative religious groups are hailing it as a powerful reminder of the scriptures' requirement to not covet thy neighbor's wife's hot ass, while many other's, who practiced a hedonistic lifestyle rife with sexual promiscuity since 1991 based solely on the 'OPP' philosophy, feel confused, angry and betrayed.

"Cuz in a room behind a doh no one but y'all are there. When y'all are finish, y'all can leave and only y'all would know. Then y'all could throw the skeleton bones right in the closet doh."

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