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MTNAPPROACH Develops Magical Flying Machine

Ketchum, ID-- MTNAPPROACH, a Ketchum, ID based company specializing in collapsable climbing skis for backcountry snowboarders, has announced an exciting new product that’s being labeled by many as a total 180 cross-rocket departure from their original business philosophy.

Cory Smith, designer/founder/CEO of MTNAPPROACH stated, “In keeping with our tradition of being leading innovators in backcountry access for snowboarders, I’m thrilled to announce our newest product offering. It’s called a ‘helicopter’.” Smith continued, “This is a game changer, folks.”

According to the company website, the new MTNAPPROACH Flight System is priced at $629,000 and comes fully equipped with exterior board mounts, ample gear storage and boasts a 350 nautical mile radius. A list of available factory upgrade options include:

- individual hand/boot warmers $3200

- dedicated GoPro charging station $1650

- console mounted vaporizer $2275

***Not Included- 200+ hours of pilot training***

Although MTNAPPROACH will continue manufacturing their popular climbing skis, recent marketing efforts are clearly directed toward the new Flight System. The company just launched a national ad campaign entitled ‘Hike Up?? Fuck That.’ and have also amended their famous slogan ‘Earn your turns’ to ‘Earn your turns….like a boss’.

When asked about the potential sales growth due to Flight System demand from backcountry skiers, Smith replied “Yes, of course. We’re all about equal opportunity and do not discriminate against any group, including assholes on skis.”

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