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Tahoe Area Patrollers Forced to Dance, Perform Magic for Pass Holders

by Dick Nampa


Truckee, CA-- With another dry winter hammering California’s ski business, some area resorts are getting creative with ways to provide services for loyal customers while waiting for snow. Tahoe-Donner Resort has just announced a program where season pass holders can demand ski patrollers perform any number of acts for their amusement.

Tahoe-Donner general manager Terrance Chico stated, “We share our customers frustration and are looking for ‘outside the box’ solutions to provide value for our pass holders while waiting for Mother Nature.” Chico continued, “Our ski patrol is one of the best trained, hardest working teams in the country. While unable to perform their traditional duties, we’ve asked they develop additional skills to serve our clientele for the remainder of the season.”

The program guidelines listed on the resort website are as follows:

  • any valid 2014/2015 season pass holder may demand ski patrol personnel perform various acts for their amusement including but not limited to: dance, cartwheel, do magic, sing, wrestle, recite monologues, make balloon animals, do push-ups, mime and/or juggle.

  • Be respectful. No “show me your tits” or “punch yourself in the nuts” type stuff.

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