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Survey Reveals 89% of Valley Businesses named 'Sawtooth'

Area attorney/life coach Pat Simmeroy (of Sawtooth Legal Associates) filed his record setting 1000th LLC application with the word 'Sawtooth' as part of the name.

"Sawtooth Parachute Co, Sawtooth Saw Shop, Sawtooth Orthodontics, Sawtooth Mustard Co, Sawtooth Waxing Salon, the list goes on and on" stated Simmeroy. "But don't forget, those are only the for profit businesses I've incorporated. The non-profit world exploded in the mid 90's with organizations like Sisters of the Sawtooth, Sawtooth Glee, Sawtooth Polar Bear Club and the Sawtooth Actors Guild just to name a few."

The Wood River Valley is currently ranked #1 in the country for having same named businesses however Jackson, WY attorney Lander Gillette (of Teton, Teton, and Teton LLP) has released a statement saying "I've got a stack of at least 70 applications on my desk all with some iteration of the word 'Teton'. We'll be back in first place after the mountain closes and I go back to work."

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