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Twin Falls News Anchor Tells Weather Girl "The real inversion's in my pants"

Twin Falls news anchor Trank Wellman has issued a formal apology to weekend weather girl Maria Delgado-Sanchez, all KTARD viewers and his wife for a statement he made during the weather portion of last nights broadcast.

"I sincerely regret my on-air

comment that I was forecasting a 100% chance of a weather phenomenon known as a 'temperature inversion' occuring in my trousers. I'm a news reader and I should never wander off-piste. Please accept my humble apology."

This marks the 9th time Mr. Wellman has made sexually suggestive puns directed at Ms. Delgado-Sanchez over the last 2 years. The 'in my pants' theme appears to be the most common with statements like:

"there's a warm, moist system developing in my pants"

"I have an Excessive Heat Advisory in my pants"

"The National Weather Service in Pocatello has issued a Freezing Fog Warning in my pants"

Wellman's most notable incident was during a November 30th broadcast in which he casually tossed Delgado-Sanchez a room key and stated "I'm also predicting 3 to 5 inches this Saturday the Red Lion jacuzzi suite."

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