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South Valley Prostitution Sting Yields Arrest

Bellevue, ID - Jacob Lynn Hollis of Shoshone has been arrested and charged with sexual solicitation after Bellevue Marshalls and the Blaine County Sheriff's department conducted a joint sting operation targeting Valley prostitution. The investigation began after multiple reports of an old man wearing a sun dress offering $5 hand jobs in the alley behind Guffy's.

Blaine County Sherriff Gene Ramsey held a press conference and was pleased with the overall outcome but indicated it's been tough on one of his officers.

"Undercover work is the most dangerous part of our job. Typically with operations like this, we send in a rookie because they're less recognizable. I'd like to acknowledge Lt. Dean Hagerman's courage, ingenuity and enormous commitment to the force." Ramsey continued, "Things didn't go exactly as we planned that night and Dean had to stand there and get jerked off for 15 minutes until we could get our recording equipment working. Further complicating matters, he inadvertently climaxed..... twice. Having only been provided $13 dollars, Lt. Hagerman was able to negotiate a third hand job for the low, low price of only $3. It was this selfless act that ultimately gave our team the additional time we needed to make the arrest."

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