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Coyote Mauls Area Simpleton

Beloved Ketchum resident, Peter Feinberg, suffered severe hand lacerations after attempting to hug a coyote. Feinberg, affectionately known to Valley locals as 'Smilin' Pete', was being walked by his grandmother Friday evening on the bike path near River Run when a coyote appeared in the woods. According to multiple witnesses, Pete began shrieking "Fluffy!! Fluffy!!", broke his leash, chased down and tackled the animal.

Feinberg's shouts of joy quickly turned to screams of terror. Dale Teague of Warm Springs witnessed the entire event and said "dude, it was ker-ay-zeeee!". Teague continued, "The guy spots this coyote and goes totally fucking berserk. His poor Nana got pulled behind him for like 30 feet until the tether broke."

Another eye witness who wished to remain anonymous stated, "It all happened so fast. The coyote chomped down on him then Pete began spinning like a whirling dervish with the animal still attached to his hand screaming "Bad doggie!! Bad doggie!!".

The coyote eventually let go and escaped unharmed while Pete was airlifted to Boise where he spent 3 days being treated for his injuries.

This isn't Feinberg's first incident with local wildlife. He's been trampled 7 times during the Trailing of the Sheep parade and has also suffered severe facial lacerations after getting his head stuck in a hollow log containing a family of squirrels who were preparing their den for winter.

Smilin' Pete is back home on his Nana's couch (pictured above) and recovering quickly. Doctors predict he will be good as new and back at his favorite intersection waving at people and attempting to direct traffic in 3 to 5 weeks.

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