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Shaun White, Danny Davis Tie the Knot

Aspen, Co-- Snowboarding legend Shaun White and back to back X Games gold medalist Danny Davis were married this weekend at a small ceremony attended by close friends and family. The news comes as quite a surprise for many and clearly reinforces the old saying that 'opposites attract'.

According to White, their romantic adventure began during a recent gondola ride. "It all started as your basic run of the mill type mountain story", said White. "Just a couple of dudes trapped in a small space trying to pass the time by engaging in a bit of mutual touching and playful wrestling." White continued, "Suffice it to say, our little tickle session soon turned into multiple runs on the ole super-pipe, if ya know what I mean."

While the vast majority of fans and fellow riders have been supportive, being the first gay couple in the professional snowboard world has not been without its challenges. There have been numerous homophobic twitter comments, a tasteless meme passed around entitled 'Brokeback Gondy' and Russia's largest newspaper ran a front page picture of the newlyweds with the headline 'Ви́хри сне́жные крутя́ зверь заво́ет' which translates to 'Stiffy Poke Tailpress Backside Rodeo'.

White and Davis, unfazed by their critics, are focusing on the positive and have announced plans to adopt a little El Salvadoran boy named Guillermo who, according to the FedEx tracking number, will be delivered sometime in the next 8 to 12 days.

The Marten Stuffer family would like to offer a major 'Congrats and good luck!' to the happy couple who are currently honeymooning at a Sandals resort in beautiful Montego Bay, Jamaica.

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