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Introducing Cliff, Sun Valley's Newest Resort Concierge

By Fairfield/Lemhi

Sun Valley, ID-- In keeping with the tradition of locating the best international talent in the hospitality industry, Sun Valley Company scouts embedded deep in the Peruvian rainforest have enticed an up and coming concierge sensation to bring his skills to the Wood River Valley.

Cliff Tuanama, known by the local villagers as Mamani (an ancient Amazonian word meaning 'The Fun One'), is revered throughout the Ucayali Basin for his ability to coordinate tribal events such as weddings to chief, virgin sacrifices and the annual "Biting of the Ants Festival" all while maintaining a professional and courteous demeanor. Tuanama, with a macbook procured from Mormon missionaries just prior to eating them, started the incredibly popular "Bush Girls" dating site which is attributed with several tribal love connections and only two beatings. Needless to say, his fellow Villagers were sad to see him go when he announced he was taking his talents to the WRV.

"It's been a fantastic experience." said Tuanama. "People are friendly, the scenery's breathtaking and I don't have to worry 24/7 about ending up in a pile of anaconda shit like my uncle, Steve." Tuanama continued, "If I had to pick something to complain about, it would be persistent dry, itchy skin and the Fish and Game regulations."

While Cliff's sloth roasting and jaguar avoidance expertise are of little use here in the valley, he's found other ways to provide resort guests with a taste of his local culture. Most notably, his weekly Ayahuasca dance parties have become wildly popular and reservations for the event, although not required, are strongly recommended.

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