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Distributor Error Results in Atkinsons' Produce Being Delivered Directly to Bellevue Store

A mix-up by a recently hired driver for Sunny Canyon Produce Distributors is being blamed for a delivery of fresh vegetables directly to Atkinson's Bellevue Store. According to company protocol, Atkinson's requires that produce be delivered to Ketchum while at peak freshness, where it stays for 3-5 days before being transferred to the Hailey location, and then to Bellevue, just prior to disposal.

Atkinsons General Manager Brent Caldwell stated, "Typically, after a couple days in the Bellevue store, hog farmers won't even take it. We just dump it in the river." He added, "Kinda funny when you think about it. What would those south valley animals even make of fresh vegetables?" He added, "That driver? Yeah, he's fired."

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