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Alan Pennay's Dick Immortalized in Bronze


The Sun Valley Hall of Fame Society has announced area legend Alan Pennay will be inducted this year and his penis deified in Bronze. There will reportedly be only 3 cast replicas of the native Aussie's phallus: one will permanently reside in the SV Hall of Fame Museum, the second is to be prominently displayed above the Olympic Bar at Michel's Christiania and the third will be used as a traveling exhibit.

A long time valley resident, Pennay migrated from Australia to Sun Valley in 1972 with plans of skiing, playing piano and having an enormous amount of unprotected sex. Suffice it to say: Mission accomplished.

"Alan is a true valley icon and it's our absolute pleasure to induct him into the Sun Valley Hall of Fame." stated museum director Dennis McCall. "No one has brought more style, class and vigorous lovemaking sessions to our valley and we're proud to honor his great legacy."

When reached for comment, Pennay spoke only in Australian which we were unable to interpret. There was definitely something about a 'wombat stuck in a didgeridoo' and 'bandicoot' this and 'wallaby' that but we're pretty sure he was humbled and grateful for receiving the prestigious honor.

Rocky Mountain Hardware, a generous supporter of the SV Hall of Fame Museum, has created a commemorative product offering in honor of Mr. Pennay. "I'm thrilled to announce this special edition limited release of door handles, cabinet pulls, sink fixtures and shower heads all designed to the exact dimensions and texture of Mr. Pennay's world renowned member." said RMH representative Sofonda Peters. "If it's good enough for 50,000 lucky ladies, it's sure as hell good enough for our customers."

Editor's Note: When you see Alan rolling around town in his classic Rolls Royce sporting a fur coat, please give him a well deserved 'tip of the hat' in honor of his contributions to the Wood River valley over the last 45 years.

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