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Grey Wolf Shot, Butt Fucked, Dragged Through Town

A masked group of functionally retarded shit kickers shot and killed a grey wolf in the Little Wood basin last week. They then took turns grudge-fucking the animals corpse before chaining it the back of late model Ford dually with a set of bumper nuts and dragged it down Ketchum's Main Street.

The peanut-brained mob of hill jacks honked their horn, spewed black smoke from customized 'coal roll' smoke stacks and chanted non-sequitur slogans like 'Go back to California!!', 'NObama!!' and 'Speak English!!'.

Most Ketchum residents idly looked on at the almost daily occurrence which has been tabbed the 'Trailing of the Biggest Fucking Morons on Earth Festival' while many valley visitors mistook it for some kind of ironic performance art.

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