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Valley Bro Stoke Affected by Weather, Weed

Sun Valley area bros, Ted Stillman and Dale Teague, are totally not stoked about the recent lack of snow and the mediocre quality of weed going around town. The combination of persistent dry periods due to coastal high pressure ridging and schwaggyness of local bud has been a major impediment to their overall stoketitude and gnarlabilty.

"It's dry as fucking bone, bra" stated Teague while enjoying his 7th PBR tall boy on the Apple's Bar and Grill patio. Stillman added "and the fucking weed in town is like this total kinda utility stuff. You'd think with it being legal all around us there'd be like a dank nug trickle down type deal going on. What the fuck?"

Ted and Dale's friendship began while studying at/near Ft. Lewis College in Durango. After a long night of partying in the fall of 2007, they woke up in the bed of a truck at an interstate rest stop north of Salt Lake City. When the driver returned from the bathroom and they asked where they were going, the unknown bro told them 'Sun Valley, bra!' to which they responded in unison 'right on!'.

Soon after arriving in the valley, they had made numerous friends with reliable places to crash. Generally well liked in the community, they've been described by peers as 'killer dudes' and 'total shredders' although one local skier compared them to 'Jeff Spicoli with a touch of Downs'.

Regardless of current unfavorable weather patterns and low-grade ganja, Stillman and Teague have vowed to stick it out and ask that all valley residents continue to 'Pray for Stoke'.

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