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Area Sub Might've Had a Couple Beers at Lunch, So What?

Ketchum, ID-- Valley sheet rocker Curt Poppins admitted to participating in a bit of day drinking while on lunch break at Lefty's Bar and Grill Monday afternoon. "Sure, I had a beer or two." stated Poppins. "Big fuckin' deal."

Poppins, currently employed by Wellhung Walls Inc, has been with the company for 20 years and has reportedly been fired and rehired (often on the same day) over an estimated 600 times. "When Curt shows up, he usually does pretty good work." said Wellhung foreman Angel Vasquez. "However, our company has a fairly strict 'no-drinking while on the job' policy and, depending on the current workload, will not tolerate such behavior."

"Yo, mind your own fuckin' business, Angel!!" replied Poppins after being discovered asleep behind a dumpster. "How bout you worry about your own job? I swear, I've just about fuckin' had it with you assholes."

At press time, Poppins had been fired for the remainder of the day and was reportedly headed to Grumpy's.

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