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National Guard Deployed as Kenny Loggins Fans Continue to Riot

Breaking News: To say that area excitement and emotions have been running high ever since the Sun Valley Co. announced Kenny Loggins would be performing at the Pavilion this August is a massive understatement. Thousands of fans have been camping out at the box office for days, patiently awaiting the distinct privilege of paying money to attend a Kenny Loggins concert. A computer glitch, however, shut down the ticketing system causing a 6 hour long delay for the cold, wet, exhausted Logginistas. This, apparently, was too much for the crowd to bear and the now agitated mob became unruly.

As riots quickly erupted and spread throughout the area, the local Sun Valley police force was completely overwhelmed. Cars were overturned and set ablaze, rocks thrown through resort storefront windows and numerous incidents of looting were reported. The owner of womens clothier Panache claims a group of masked, easy-listening afficiandos broke down the door and made off with their entire Spring line.

Sun Valley Mayor Dewayne Briscoe pleaded with

residents to remain calm and stay locked inside until the situation is brought under control. Briscoe also warned people not to be alarmed if they saw him sneaking around in their bushes peeping through windows as this was just an additional security precaution.

**More on this story as it develops**

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