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Valley Still Reeling From Warm Springs Drug Bust

When Blaine County police raided long time Ketchum resident Greg Brody's home, they suspected he was mixed up in the drug dealing business. What they didn't know was they were about to completely choke off the coke and weed supply from a community that counts on having a shitload of coke and weed, readily available.

After discovering 1.5 pounds of cocaine, 3 pounds of chronic

shrub and over 20k in cash, a fully erect Sheriff Gene Ramsey stated, "The discovery and seizure of this large amount of drugs, money and other evidence indicates that Mr. Brody was, allegedly, a large level supplier of illegal drugs in our community." Ramsey continued, "Now, he's a large level receiver of my big ole foot in his ass, all goddam day long."

Luckily, for drug seeking Valley dwellers, there are still a few solid options. There's that dude in west Ketchum whose always sunbathing in his driveway wearing nothing but gym shorts and amber-vision shades. Sure, he's a registered sex offender, tends to be real 'chatty' and almost always insists on arm wrestling, but, regardless, he usually has or can find whatever you're looking for. For south valley folks hoping to score, stop by LL Green's Hardware and ask if they have any 'magic underwear' in stock.

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