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Marten Stuffer Seeks Full Time Intern, Fluffer

We are seeking a 40 hour per week, full time intern with a positive 'can do' attitude who isn't scared to get their hands dirty (literally) and is just generally up for anything.

Applicant must be proficient in:

- web design

- joint rolling

- babysitting

- taxidermy

- animal husbandry

- Kung Fu

In addition to items listed above, the applicant is required to wear a French maid outfit (regardless of gender) and be on call 24/7 for numerous tasks including but not limited to:

- Play ping pong

- Wrestle

- Spoon

- Slow dance

- Bartend

- DJ

- Light to moderate yard work

please submit resumes to

**Be Advised** The Marten Stuffer totally discriminates based on age, race, gender, sexuality, general appearance, STRAVA times and party legs. We foster a weird, hostile work environment. There is something deeply wrong with all of us. I can already tell you're gonna be a pain the ass and this internship isn't a good idea. Fuck off.

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