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Wood River Animal Shelter Now Offering Equine Adoption

Name: Ol' Hayfucker

Sex: Stallion

Breed: Arabian Humping Bay

Size: Enormous

Estimated DOB: 3/19/12

Say hello to Ol' Hayfucker! He's a frisky fella looking for a good home. Although Ol' Hayfucker doesn't get along well with other horses, goats, tractors or barrels, don't let that stop you from making him part of the family!


- Never look Ol' Hayfucker in the eye

- Do not taunt Ol' Hayfucker

- Know where Ol' Hayfucker is at all times

- If Ol' Hayfucker starts, let him finish

- Ol' Hayfucker is scared of bees

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