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Best of the Valley: Glory Holes

The votes are in! Here's a guide to the Wood River Valley's secret stash of glory holes for 2015:

River Run- Voted 'friendliest' for 6th consecutive year

Friedman Memorial Airport- The newly renovated airport has yielded a pleasant surprise for GH

enthusiasts and was voted the most 'technical'. (It also received a coveted 4.5 star rating from former Idaho Republican Senator, Larry Craig)

Casino Bar- For those looking for a challenge/chlamydia, the Casino GH is

a 'not to miss' late night adventure.

Hailey Hotel- Is that a hot girl or a bearded tannery worker?? Kinda feels like the latter but, the Hell with it, it's too late now!! Simply stick your dick through a hole in the wall and hang on tight. Voted 'angriest' for 9 years running.

Roundhouse- Why do you think fondue is so popular up there? There's a few Nordic traditions you probably don't know about..... this GH will not disappoint. (Local Lore: Ask for 'Averill's Reserve' if you're feeling lucky).

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