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'Weed Information' Link on County Website Deemed Misleading by Area Doper

Warm Springs resident and cannabis aficionado, J.T. Brice, is not only disappointed with the Blaine County GIS website but is alleging outright false advertising. Having recently moved to the Wood River Valley from neighboring Oregon, Brice was reportedly confused by the lack of marijuana stores in the area.

"I guess I just thought the shops had some other kind of marking besides a big green cross on the door." stated Brice while rolling a joint with some severely dessicated bud recently discovered in an old high school gym bag. "That's when I got online and started doing some research."

After having no luck with search terms like 'cannabis' or 'marijuana', Brice thought perhaps the Idahoans used more informal slang and performed a Google search with the keyword 'weed'. Much to his delight, there were multiple hits and Brice selected the Blaine County GIS 'Weed Information Map'.

"So, I'm like 'score'!" said Brice. "I dial them up and I'm all like 'Hey, I'm calling about the weed' and they're like 'Ok, what kind?' So, I'm all 'Well, I was hoping for some Lemon Skunk or Sour Diesel but, from the look of the interactive map, all you've got is Diffuse Knapweed and Canada Thistle, so, I guess I'll go with an eighth of each." After a brief silence from the Blaine County clerk, Brice was told "1. If this is a prank call, it's pretty funny and 2. If it's not a prank call, you're a total retard."

At press time, an embarrassed and still jonesing Brice had yet to score and would appreciate any leads.


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