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Valley Stoner Pleasantly Surprised by Veltex Late-Night Selections

With hunger pains sticking like duck tape, local burner Jessie "the J" Hanson needed some immediate nourishment and found himself at the only option available in Ketchum proper at 1:30 am....

Descending upon the 24-7 Veltex, The J started things off with an antipasti of Fritos chili cheese corn chips distributed intermittently with Sathers brand cinnamon bears. The salty to sweet exchange was described by Hanson as "a euphoric dining experience" before moving on to more substantial fare in the form of the Grandito bean and cheese burrito.

"Carol (the Veltex graveyard shift manager) was extremely helpful and recommended a 2:17 microwave time on the Grandito that ensured warm cheesy goodness in every bite without it

burning the top of my mouth." said Hanson.

The five course feast was reportedly rounded out with a trip down beef jerky lane then topped of with some Ben & Jerry's Rainforest Crunch. (pictured right: Hanson staring at bag of Funyons. Photo credit AP)

Jessie praised Veltex not only for its diverse selection but also for sourcing local, Idaho based products such as Ciobani yogurt and Wilcox brothers hard boiled eggs. "I totally recommend Veltex for all late night diners." Hanson concluded. "Oh, and they've got plenty of options for a allergy sensitive customers as well."


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