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Point-Counterpoint: The Wolf Debate

Point: “Wolves are a major part of Yellowstone and central Idaho and they have contributed significantly to the ecological health of the region. Our goal is to restore natural conditions and we could not have done that without wolf restoration."

“The reintroduction of wolves is a milestone in the history of wildlife conservation in America. Against all political odds, we helped bring back a living icon of the West that had been eradicated from most of its range in the lower 48 states. It was the ultimate expression of America’s renewed commitment to wildlife stewardship and protection of our natural resources for future generations.”

“Wolf recovery in the Northern Rockies region has been a phenomenal success. Wolves are here to stay and it is our hope and desire that the states that now manage America’s wolves can continue the wonderful conservation legacy we have crafted for future generations.”

- Joseph P. Wharton, PHD Wildlife Biology, University of Washington

Counterpoint: "Fuck you."

- Ron Ronald, NASCAR fan, Human Male

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