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Lukas Nelson Receives Complimentary Venue Upgrade in Honor of 100th Valley Area Concert

Lukas Nelson and the Promise of the Real are set to rock the Sun Valley Pavilion this Labor Day evening. Nelson, best known for being the son of Willie Nelson, was thrilled when he learned of his complimentary medallion upgrade to the larger venue.

“It caught me by surprise.” said the 5’3” Nelson while jumping up and down trying to reach a can of mixed nuts perched on a mid-level shelf of his tour bus. “I figured we’d played around here 70, maybe 80 times max in the last few years. 100 is something special.” Nelson concluded with one more unsuccessful lunge for his favorite snack, stating, “a little help here?”

The Sun Valley area has a storied tradition of hosting the same musical acts over and over and over. Nelson has joined the ranks of big name artists such as Kenny Loggins, Michael Franti and The Bobos (although local band Old Death Whisper still holds the valley all time record of 529,977 shows, they have a valid excuse for not playing elsewhere due to lack of reliable transportation.)

**In the time it took me to write this, Old Death Whisper has played 3 more shows**

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