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Christy Hostess Pleasantly Surprised Nobody Died Tonight

"Honestly, it's a miracle." stated longtime hostess Jackie Roosevelt. "I would've bet big money that the gentleman at table 7 wouldn't make it through the salad course." Roosevelt continued, "Thank God he was wearing a diaper and didn't have to get down to the restroom. That staircase has broken more hips than a Blaine Manor dance class."

The Christiania, owned and operated by Sun Valley ski and culinary legend Michel Rudigoz, provides one of the finest dining experiences in the valley with a combination of old school charm, traditional French cuisine and excellent service. Although the restaurant is enjoyed by all, many regular patrons are of an advanced age requiring a unique skill set for employees. In addition to the normal duties, staff members are also asked to perform a number of other services including but not limited to:


- Assisting in operation of the cell phone machine

- Pre-chewing any food item with a consistency firmer than water

- light to moderate oxygen administration

- give gentle reminder that referring to someone as 'colored' is no longer socially acceptable

- provide 'dignity blanket' to patrons experiencing inadvertent Cialis reaction

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