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Ketchum Breaks Longstanding Tradition, Elects Remotely Qualified Candidates

Valley Voices:

The city of Ketchum awoke to an unfamiliar feeling this morning. Not only did voters elect their first African-American mayor Neil Bradshaw, they also replaced 37 term Councilman Iron Baird Gourlay and Anne Corrock. Here's what folks had to say about it.

“When it comes to electing local knuckleheads with absolutely zero business being in charge of anything, much less a city, Ketchum has lead the way. It looks like there’s a new sheriff in town and it looks like the new sheriff might even be halfway worth a fuck.” - John Brody (realtor/wax technician/notary public)

“I’m primarily concerned with all the foxes I’ve seen on the golf course.” - Gwen Dietrich (crazy lady)

“I have no goddam idea what’s going on right now.”- Smilin' Pete Goldstein (area man)

“My hole is enormous.” - Jack Bariteau (hole aficionado)

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