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Sun Valley to Offer 'Go Fuck Yourself' Pass for 2017/18 Ski Season

The Sun Valley Company ski passes for the upcoming 2017/18 season are on sale now! In addition to offering early-purchase deals, payment plans and Mountain Collective perks, a new ski pass option is specifically designed for Wood River Valley residents who would like a more affordable way to enjoy their hometown mountain. The 'Go Fuck Yourself' pass will be available to purchase for the cost of zero dollars and zero cents. The amenities included are:

- unlimited punches in face from yellow jacketed employees

- 24 hour access to a (proposed) unicorn petting zoo

- absolutely nothing else

Mac Reebok, the public relations and marketing director for Sun Valley Company, released this statement regarding the new ski pass option. "We respect our local residents rights to constantly bitch about shit and want you jack offs to know that we hear you and we have a solution. Fuck off. We're trying to run a business here with razor thin margins, declining annual snowpack in a highly competive global environment. Subsidizing goldbricker shithead's access to the resort ain't gonna happen and I recommend you assholes pack up and move right the fuck out of town."

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