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Ketchum Paid Parking Nets Exactly Dick

Although the numbers are still coming in, Sun Valley area businesses are reporting at or slightly above average revenue throughout the busy holiday season. The news, however, wasn’t all good as the city of Ketchum’s paid parking experiment greatly underperformed initial estimates.

Mayor Neil Bradshaw reported, “So far, all we’ve

collected are a few dozen hand written notes ranging from ‘Fuck you’ to ‘Suck my cock’, a Canadian quarter, a briefcase containing 200,000 Vietnamese Dong, a lightly used 'rough rider' prophylactic and a heavily annotated vintage copy of Ebony magazine featuring Billy Dee Williams”. Bradshaw added, “although we’re not sure what the current exchange rate is, we’re hopeful. That seems like a lot of Dong.”

Editors note- after a brief Google search, the Dong is estimated to be worth roughly $8.39 USD while the Ebony was determined to be priceless.

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