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Terrorism Being Investigated in Warm Springs Lodge Fire, Latvian Cashier Wanted for Questioning

The Blaine County Sheriff’s office is requesting the public’s assistance in locating a Sun Valley Company employee wanted for questioning in regards to the recent fire at Warm Springs lodge. Dgrjvlb Rjgrbfflvdg, or ‘Rick’ as he is known to coworkers, was last seen leaving/escaping the Sun Valley employee housing dungeon Tuesday the 17th, the same night the lodge fire was started.

Mr. Rjgrbfflvdg, a Latvian national, is one of many foreign workers seasonally imported to work for the Sun Valley Company. According to the sheriff's office, Rjgrbfflvdg had just received his paycheck for 3 months work totaling a mere $37.06, became enraged and confronted his manager. “You like make fuck with my ass?!?!...Well, now I make fuck with you!” Rjgrbfflvdg shouted before storming off the premises.

The Blaine County Sheriff also stated that a local ISIS chapter had claimed responsibility for the fire but are not sure if the claim is legitimate and suspect it could just be some bored pranksters seeking attention. Regardless, just to be on the safe side, the sheriff is taking all leads seriously and has released photos of the 2 men claiming to be members of Idaho ISIS:

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