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Valley Law Enforcement Ready to Get Back to Work After Summer Vacation

Blaine County Sheriff Steve Harkins announced at a press conference this morning:

“Labor Day’s over, folks. On behalf of the Bellevue Sheriff, Idaho State Patrol, Blaine County Sheriff, Ketchum PD and even those knuckleheads in Sun Valley, I want to make this crystal clear: the tourists are gone and we’re going to resume enforcement of traffic laws. No longer will we look the other way when some aloof California cunt in a Range Rover chugging a triple jizz latte with a yippy punter dog on her lap runs a red light. That won’t happen again until Christmas.

If you even think about going 34 in a 30 mph zone, roll through a stop sign, fail to signal a lane change or, God forbid, talk on a cell phone, we’re gonna get balls deep in your goddam ass.”

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