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Sun Valley Company Announces EPIC Fuck Up

The Sun Valley Company announced plans this morning to become the newest partner to join the EPIC pass conglomerate for the upcoming 2019/20 ski season. Sun Valley marketing director Rick McGilivery issued the following statement:

“Joining the EPIC family of ultra-corporate nightmarish shithole resorts is a huge step for us. We've decided not just to destroy Sun Valley's unique legacy, we want to shoot that legacy in the face, yank it’s pants down, set it on fire and have a bunch meth tweakers run a buttfuck train on it’s smoldering corpse.” McGilivery continued, “We would like to offer a warm welcome to our future sponsors for what will become the Bud Light River Run Lodge, Ticketmaster Sun Valley Pavillion, Paul Kenny’s LegalZoom Ski and Sports, Cialis Duchin Lounge, Rolaids Red Hots and the Adam & Eve Ski Patrol Shack.”

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