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'Protect Our Winters' Closing Down, Rad Snowpack to Blame

        Climate change advocacy organization Protect Our Winters (POW) announced this morning they were closing their doors after more than a decade of service to the snow loving community. POW representative Chad Stokely stated, “We’re bummed to be closing down but, ironically, all this epic snowfall has totally killed our fundraising." Stokely added, "It’s really not even that big a deal, none of us had gotten much done over the last 3 years because of our powder day policy.”

       Protect Our Winters was founded in 2007 by legendary big mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones. While most climate activist organizations are primarily concerned that rising sea levels and extreme weather events will lead to worldwide refugee crises, famine and disease, disproportionately affecting the 5 billion people living in the developing world, POW wanted to make sure that rich honkeys who like to play in the snow also had a voice. Although the organization will be closed for now, there is an excellent chance the winter sports community will have renewed interest in addressing climate change during the next multi-year drought cycle.

          POW representatives could not immediately be reached for additional comment regarding their legacy of battling carbon emissions as they are on a 7 day heli trip in the Selkirks.

** For more information on how to protect our winters go to **

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